warnings on compile

Jeremy Allison jeremy at valinux.com
Fri Dec 15 16:33:06 GMT 2000

On Fri, Dec 15, 2000 at 06:57:02PM +0900, Kenichi Okuyama wrote:

> If you are GOD, go ahead. Even as a GOD, I don't recommend the way
> we do now, but word 'GOD' stands for "infinite resource", so I wont'
> stop you. But I can give you an oracle that you will fail.

No, that's not what I meant as I'm sure you know :-).

What I meant is that we grep for *every* use of open/fopen
and check that it cannot be used for mktemp races. It's
not so difficult.


Buying an operating system without source is like buying
a self-assembly Space Shuttle with no instructions.

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