Find -maxdepth in BSD

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Thu Dec 14 16:46:50 GMT 2000

> Hey, 
> A few things to make your life easier.  First of all, Samba has already been
> ported to OS X.  Sorry.   Go here for a quick binary install:

He, he that's my port. But it isn't finished. It has the upload bug I
mentioned earlier and I would like to package it in a .pkg. (Still probs
with the scripts though.)
> I will note that, 'smbfs' has not been successfully ported anywhere besides
> Linux (there's a BSD port started, search Google for it), so if you want to
> port IT, get going - I could use it :)  In the meantime, use Sharity.

Yeah me too. Sharity has the problum that you cannot upload files. That
seems to be a Finder bug. Not a problem with Sharity. (Of which I am beta

> Finally, the part about 'find' not knowing the -maxdepth option shouldn't be a
> trouble either - just download the GNU fileutils and recompile under OS X.
> You'll also get ls --color.

>>I know I can simply compile the gnu find and use that one, but I would like to
>>distribute this port as a package with an installer, and I simply can't force
>>all the users to go use gnu find. That would simply be not done. But if there
>>is no other way I will have to do this.
I knew that. But thx anyway

Anyone else?

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