nmbd broadcast binding

Brian T. O'Neill btoneill at misplaced.net
Thu Dec 14 17:14:38 GMT 2000

I'm working on trying to get a usable config/system for using samba along with
Veritas Cluster Server. The biggest problem I've run into is the ability to
have two samba servers on the same host, with differnet netbios names. The smbd 
process isn't a problem due to "bind interfaces only" only binding to the 
interface I want. The problem I'm having is with nmbd and it's binding to 
for broadcast information.

What I'm curious about is, what are the implications if I was to turn off nmbd
binding to the interface, and have it act just like smbd does with 
"bind interfaces only".

I'm not looking to have nmbd be a LBM, WINS server, PDC or anything special, as
I have other hosts on the network same subnet that will take care of that (NT
PDC's and BDC's).

Any help would be appreciated.

Brian T. O'Neill
btoneill at misplaced.net

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