pdb dependencies in RPC_PARSE objects

Tim Potter tpot at linuxcare.com.au
Wed Dec 13 06:11:47 GMT 2000

Is it possible to break the dependency between PASSDB_OBJ and
RPC_PARSE?  The chain goes like this: RPC_PARSE -> parse_samr.c
-> pdb_*() -> PASSDB_OBJ.

It seems a bit unecessary to have to link in the passdb objects
to use the rpc parsing routines when all I want to do is marshall
and unmarshall some lsa functions.

I got the impression that the init_xyz_info123() functions in
parse_xyz.c would in general take data passed to the function and
pack it into the XYZ_INFO_123 structure, rather than actually
generate the data inside the function.

Anyone up for an argument?  (-:


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