Using add user script in NT Multiple Master Domains

Rob Mason Rob_Mason at
Tue Dec 12 16:25:31 GMT 2000

I got no response to the below on the user list so I am trying here. Any

I am evaluating the use of a samba server in different NT domain models.
I want to use the 'add user script' option to add domain users as unix users on
the samba server when they attempt access and are validated by the PDC.
This works fine for both single domain and single master domains as their is
only one user list for the domain.
In the scenario where there is a multiple master domain where the 2 PDCs trust
each other we can have the follwoing situation:
*A user say DOMAIN1\jsmith accesses the samba server whcih resides in DOMAIN1,
the adduser script adds a unix user jsmith
*Now a diferent user in DOMAIN2 who is also named jsmith, accesses the samba
server, the server sees that it already has a unix user jsmith and thisunix user
will own files for the 2 different users, they will both be pointed to the same
home (if homes are being created) and share permissions in smb.conf for these 2
users will be indistinguishable.
1:Is the above analysis correct?
2: Is there a variable for the WORKGROUP from which the client is connecting
which could be used to create a unique username for the add user script (not as
far as I can determine).
3: Is there another way around this problem?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Rob Mason

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