2.2.0 tdb diskspace leak!

Richard Bollinger rabollinger at home.com
Tue Dec 12 19:38:02 GMT 2000

Contrary to prior messages regarding the unbounded growth of
"unexpected.tdb", it is _not_ growing to a high water mark.  A quick dump of
the file running on our test Solaris server shows its full of "dead"
entries, not freed ones.  tdbutil shows nothing on the "free list".
Identical results are showing on our Linux server.

Something is going wrong in the process which is prunes out old entries,
preventing them from being freed in clear_unexpected() -> traverse_fn () ->
tdb_delete() -> do_delete() .  The code in do_delete() checks to see if
someone is traversing that record (apparently always true in this instance)
and marks it "dead" rather than really deleting the entry.  Thus the file
grows indefinitely.  Someone who understand the tdb logic may offer a simple

Rich Bollinger

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