map_lock_offset compiling problem in 2.2.0-alpha1

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Wed Dec 6 08:49:15 GMT 2000


On Sat, 02 Dec 2000 17:08:30 +0100, Robert Dahlem wrote:

>There is a compilation problem with samba-2.2.0-alpha1
>on at least SCO5 and Reliant Unix (32 bit version):
>    Linking bin/smbd
>    Undefined                       first referenced
>     symbol                             in file
>    map_lock_offset                     smbd/reply.o
>    ld: bin/smbd: fatal error: Symbol referencing errors.
>    No output written to bin/smbd

>Anything I can do to get closer to a solution?

Ok, I tried my luck and snooped around a bit: The problem seems to be 
within locking/posix.c ...

May 2 2000 Andrew checked in a patch surrounding map_lock_offset() 

   #if defined(LARGE_SMB_OFF_T)

I think this should be reversed to

   #if !defined(LARGE_SMB_OFF_T)

Roughly said LARGE_SMB_OFF_T is defined when off_t is a 64 bit value, 
so on a system without large file support LARGE_SMB_OFF_T will never 
be defined.

map_lock_offset() is a function to map 64 bit lock offsets to 31 bit 
lock offsets. There seems to be no need to do this when running on a 
64 bit system but always when running on a 32 bit system.

Andrew: Can you tell if my conclusions are correct (or naive :-)?

Joe: Could you try the attached patch on your SCO system and check if 
it works? Please note that you will have to "make proto" before 
"make" because I had to change the function header.


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