safe_strcpy errors

Torsten Curdt tcurdt at
Sat Dec 2 20:32:18 GMT 2000

We're running the samba 2.2 CVS from Nov 3rd
now for quite a while in production environment.
(big hurray for the brave ;)

It works fine as PDC for our W2k Workstations.
Fileserving seems to be stable, no problems
with joining the domain. All I'm looking forward
to is the auth system rewrite. (maybe then we
can finally use our ldap server even to auth
samba users ;)

The only thing we came across were some string
overflow errors when handling the favorites
of the profiles. Like:

ERROR: string overflow by 5 in safe_strcpy [/guitar guitars tablature music
mp3 olga

The user was not able to log in when this happened!
W2k denied the access! I had to go and clean
the favorites directory!

I'm wondering if this behavior is know or even
is fixed already..

(Well, there were some oplock_breaks as well ;)

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