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Gerald Carter gcarter at
Tue Dec 5 17:50:19 GMT 2000

"Mayers, Philip J" wrote:
> All,
> The SMB extended security support (which is 
> currently stalled waiting on an "outside party" <ahem>) 
> uses the prs_init and smb_io_rpc_auth_ntlmssp_* functions 
> - these are already linked into smbd, but not libsmb - 
> so now libsmb depends on the RPC parsing functions, which 
> in turn depend on the passdb functions.

the client side RPC's should be in a spearate library i think.

So to summarize, I think we should have

  o libsmb.a
  o libmsrpc.a
  o passdb.a

> Is this ok? I don't believe it's sensible to have 
> two sets of functions that (un)marshall/process the same 
> thing, but the linkage dependencies make me uncertain 
> (especially if the guys from Caldera are splitting out libsmb 
> as a separate library). Note that if my hunch is right, 
> the RPC auth code might need reworking too, making 
> them more tightly dependent on each other.

Could you describe the actually dependencies more
(i haven't dig through the current code for this).
Or point me towards a previous summary in the archives.
What structures / functions exactrly are causing the problems?

> Thoughts? Libtoolise the lot as shared libraries 
> (which is the "right" thing to do anyway)?

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