Linkage dependencies

Mayers, Philip J p.mayers at
Mon Dec 4 10:35:16 GMT 2000


The SMB extended security support (which is currently stalled waiting on an
"outside party" <ahem>) uses the prs_init and smb_io_rpc_auth_ntlmssp_*
functions - these are already linked into smbd, but not libsmb - so now
libsmb depends on the RPC parsing functions, which in turn depend on the
passdb functions.

Is this ok? I don't believe it's sensible to have two sets of functions that
(un)marshall/process the same thing, but the linkage dependencies make me
uncertain (especially if the guys from Caldera are splitting out libsmb as a
separate library). Note that if my hunch is right, the RPC auth code might
need reworking too, making them more tightly dependent on each other.

Thoughts? Libtoolise the lot as shared libraries (which is the "right" thing
to do anyway)?


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