Any interest in swat enhancement

Herb Lewis herb at
Wed Aug 30 23:33:50 GMT 2000

Ron Alexander wrote:
> Since I don't have a kill command, I need some way to send SUGUSR1 and 2 in
> order to alter the debug level. I was thinking of adding a field on the swat
> status page beside the 'Active Connections' area that shows the current
> debug level(the one it started with) and then adding a up/down type control
> to increase/decrease the logging level by sending successive SIGUSR1 or 2.
> Would the samba team be interested in taking the changes back into the
> appropriate CVS tree?
> The only problem is that I am a Stratus VOS and NT person. I have a Linux
> box and am trying to learn in my spare time, but progress is slow. The
> reason I mention that is I know you have very specific ways of making
> changes CVS, diff, patch (I know the terms, but not how to apply them, yet)
> Ron Alexander

How do you intend to determine the "current" debug level? Currently 
this info is not included anywhere (other than parsing the log file).

Maybe we need to consider a modification to the struct session_record
used by smbstatus to include the current debug level?

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