Any interest in swat enhancement

Ron Alexander rcalex at
Thu Aug 31 00:21:27 GMT 2000

Short sighted on my part. In my situation, the value from the smb.conf is
all I need.

I guess I will have to wait for someone to create the kill cmd. Just take my
word that porting the Linux version of kill or even attempting to create one
from scratch from POSIX documentation will not work. It needs to be modelled
after the VOS stop_process or break_process commands. I am not sure that we
don't still have unresolved issues with forking and related matters.

Thanks for pointing out the error of my ways,

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Ron Alexander wrote:
> Since I don't have a kill command, I need some way to send SUGUSR1 and 2
> order to alter the debug level. I was thinking of adding a field on the
> status page beside the 'Active Connections' area that shows the current
> debug level(the one it started with) and then adding a up/down type
> to increase/decrease the logging level by sending successive SIGUSR1 or 2.
> Would the samba team be interested in taking the changes back into the
> appropriate CVS tree?
> The only problem is that I am a Stratus VOS and NT person. I have a Linux
> box and am trying to learn in my spare time, but progress is slow. The
> reason I mention that is I know you have very specific ways of making
> changes CVS, diff, patch (I know the terms, but not how to apply them,
> Ron Alexander

How do you intend to determine the "current" debug level? Currently
this info is not included anywhere (other than parsing the log file).

Maybe we need to consider a modification to the struct session_record
used by smbstatus to include the current debug level?

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