VFS write not being called (was: VFS imlpementation and caching?)

Brad Sahr bsahr at macromedia.com
Fri Aug 25 23:07:35 GMT 2000

Thanks Jeremy. The change as you've made it works 
for my purposes, but I do have a question.

Since the write_data() function in util_sock.c will
now be bypassed, where does this leave the people
that build with the #define WITH_SSL? Do those calls
to write_data() come down a different path?


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> Brad Sahr wrote:
> > 
> > The following seems to work. The loop was lifted
> > directly from util_sock.c. Jeremy, will you update
> > fileio.c and let me know when it is updated? If
> > not, could you give me some guidance on doing so?
> > I believe there is going to be more changes needed
> > to fully support the VFS feature (preview: unlink
> > is not getting called within the VFS).
> > 
> Actually, I just committed a different fix (sorry).
> In smbd/vfs.c there already exists vfs_write_data()
> which takes a fsp rather than an fd and then does
> the correct thing. So the fix was to change the write_data()
> call to vfs_write_data().
> I agree I think there are a few more vfs bugs to find,
> but this one was pretty bad :-).
> Fixed now in HEAD. Thanks for the help,
> 	Jeremy.
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