Samba and Mac

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Mon Aug 21 22:56:15 GMT 2000

This question really does belong on the Samba at list, but as there
are still problems due to the transition of that list to a new server... 

You might take a look at the commercial product "Dave" from Thursby. 
They're nice folks at Thursby and have worked with the Samba Team to
figure things out in the past. 

I know of no Open Source SMB client for Mac.  Yet.  Some of us are working 
on a Java client:

Other than that, you may need to look at other protocol implementations.  
An NFS client for Mac?  Perhaps NetATalk for Sun?

Chris -)-----

> Is their a way to allow mac users to access a samba server on a Sun
> spark 10 platform running solaris 2.6?
> Thanks for your time and help.

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