[OT but please read] ORBS blacklisting ns1.samba.org

David Ford david at kalifornia.com
Mon Aug 21 22:55:52 GMT 2000

Some lists and emails are distributed via ns1.samba.org.  For those of
you that use ORBS, you'll find it is blacklisted now. There is no
mention of it on the website and it doesn't return a positive when you
enter it for testing but it has slipped into the ORBS blacklist

Samba.org admins may wish to force all ns1 outbound email via another
netblock, bringing it up to ORBS only seems to get more of your netblock

In the meantime, those of you who mysteriously don't get emails from
samba lists may magically get them again after you grant explicit access
to ns1.samba.org [].


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