dce/rpc "client" api

Sander Striker s.striker at striker.nl
Mon Aug 21 15:59:22 GMT 2000

Jeremy> Such implementations (DCE) on UNIX are quite rare and
Jeremy> not widely used compared with ONC/RPC.

Could you please give me a short insight between the
diffs between ONC/RPC and DCE/RPC? Maybe a pointer

Luke> how do you propose to implement DCE/RPC over TCP services in the
Luke> of the server providing such services?

Jeremy> People who want to use the Samba DCE code in such
Jeremy> servers will have to write the framework to provide
Jeremy> the complete PDU's to the Samba shared libraries.


Jeremy> I neither know nor care how much work they'll have
Jeremy> to do to implement this.

Point taken, samba only provides for samba...

Jeremy> We're providing the best solution *FOR SAMBA* - not
Jeremy> for anyone else right now. After lots of dicsussion
Jeremy> Andrew suggested the shared library approach for Samba
Jeremy> instead of the separate daemon approach. I'm not going
Jeremy> to re-hash those discussions here - check the mail
Jeremy> archives for details. As technical lead and chief architect
Jeremy> of Samba it is his decision to make, and I concurr with it.

Hmm, why is this last line always needed? This is clear and
I really find this the annoying part (pulling rank) which I
was referring to in response to Lukes announcement.

Jeremy> If you want to write or extract the framework code from
Jeremy> Samba to make DCE/RPC over straight TCP (or even NetWare IPX
Jeremy> if you like) work then go for it - but it isn't the solution
Jeremy> we've decided to use in the main Samba code.

Granted. However, if this code is used to do a proper implementation
of dce/rpc including dce/rpc over smb, there are going to be
conflicts. I mean, a dce/rpc endpointmapper provides easy
extendability to services provided. Samba would need a proprietary

Just my two cents worth,


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