dce/rpc "client" api

Elrond elrond at samba.org
Fri Aug 18 15:56:23 GMT 2000

On Fri, Aug 18, 2000 at 11:06:33AM +0100, David Allan Finch wrote:
> Elrond wrote:
> > The other way is the one, that Gtk+ uses. It's a nice
> > thing. (At least I like it).
> This is not really that novel, this technique was first
> used (AFAIK) in X Intrinstic about 1987. I played
> with using it as a standard OO methodology in
> 1990 for a project. If you want an OOP uses an OOP
> language, it will save you more time in the long run.

I don't want to get in lengthy discussions, why to use OOP
or not.

The point in Samba is portability, and c++ isn't.

Another point are dynamic casts (I hope, that's the right
name for casting a base object to a specific object,
checking, that it is allowed to do so, because the object
realy IS a specific object):

This technique is heavily used in Gtk+. And I was told,
that this isn't realy a feature, that C++-compilers like. I
was also told, that some old gcc-implementations (or
whatever) are extremely slow, because they use strcmp for


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