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Fri Aug 18 07:19:58 GMT 2000

well just wanted to inform you people in case you have not heard

the EU (european union) is sueing or is planning on sueing microsoft for 
using its success and large installed userbase to market their server 

specifically they are trying to get microsoft to open more details about 
the way windows clients can be integrated into a server enviorment

mostly they are looking at nt 4.0 ... windows 2000 maybe added to their 

will probably take years or whatever ... but maybe it will not take as 
long as in the states
since europe does control business more closely than the states
and the thing is not such a big deal

oh and the appliance cvs thingi is probably what people have been talking 
about as the future plug and play samba
that is samba integrates itself without added administration into a domain 

but i am new to samba .. mainly reading here since the other mailing lists 
are sort of none existing and i what to know where you people are and 
where you are going ... at what time etc :-)

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