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Gerald Carter gcarter at valinux.com
Fri Aug 18 06:14:20 GMT 2000

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Subject: Re: [Imprints-devel] Update on rpcclient, NT, & 9x
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2000 00:55:48 -0500
From: Gerald Carter <gcarter at valinux.com>
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To: imprints-devel at sourceforge.net
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Gerald Carter wrote:
> * uploading windows 9x drivers using rpcclient
>   fails for some reason

All is well now.  Uploading Win9x drivers via 
rpcclient works correctly.  Here are some example
lines.  Of course the driver files themselves have
be uploaded first.

[root at QUESO]$ spooladdprinterdriver "Windows NT x86" 
	"Apple LaserWriter II NTX v51.8:PSCRIPT.DLL:LWNTX518.PPD:

cmd_spoolss_addprinterdriver: Printer Driver [Apple 
	LaserWriter II NTX v51.8] added successfully

[root at QUESO]$ spooladdprinterdriver "Windows 4.0" 
	"Apple LaserWriter II NTX v51.8:PSCRIPT.DRV:LWNTX470.SPD:

cmd_spoolss_addprinterdriver: Printer Driver [Apple 
	LaserWriter II NTX v51.8] added successfully

Downloading to WinNT and Win9x clients functions 
as expected.  :-) :-)

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