dce/rpc "client" api

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at samba.org
Fri Aug 18 05:06:33 GMT 2000

> 	ncacn_np => Network Computing Architecture 
> 		    Context Name: Named Pipe
> I think this stuff is doumented in the MSDN somewhere
> (correct Luke?)

yeh! :)

>  Also, it might help to review the thread 
> 	"DCE/RPC over SMB - nt login, code walk-through"
> in the samba-technical archives from Feb of this year.

gosh, i'd forgotten about that :)  hey, you mean you read it and it
> Wonderful.  While I'm not fond of void*,

well, we don't exactly have c++ base classes, so a really
short, self-contained module with typecasting therein will have to do.

> I never did snuggle up with this union above.

me neither: it was meant to be temporary.

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