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"Christopher R. Hertel" wrote:
> The problem is that Samba itself is the result of 
> both the docs you've already found and 
> reverse-engineering work.  That means that we don't
> always know why the protocol does what it does, and
> we also have a moving target.  That's tough to document.
> Best bet is to ask good technical questions.

I think there are also other issues here besides ones 
relating to protocols.  For example,

* Samba locking semantincs
* the smb.conf parsing routines (and adding parameters)
* the RPC marshalling/unmarshalling routines
* the various TDB's
* etc...

These are the internal issues I was thinking of 
in my first reply.  The HEAD branch is around 200 KLOC
now.  Quite a large project to grab a hold of.

I think it is most helpful to concentrate on a small area
and use a symbolic debugger to step through the code.
That has helped me the most.  Then as you become more
familar with the internal data structures, the code becomes
more readable.

And I would encourage more comments in the code as well.

Cheers, jerry
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