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There is a small document called "internals", I believe, but it won't be 
very much use.

The problem is that Samba itself is the result of both the docs you've
already found and reverse-engineering work.  That means that we don't
always know why the protocol does what it does, and we also have a moving
target.  That's tough to document.

Best bet is to ask good technical questions.

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> Hi,
> I joined this list pressured by interest in understanding how Samba
> works.
> Browsing the web pages I found many sources of infomation on
> protocols and standards used by samba, but what I have not found is a
> clear document that explain samba architecture and interfaces, and
> browsing the code (2.0/HEAD/TNG) I feel a bit lost sometime.
> Is there any such document (with schematics?) or is there any intention
> to make one?
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