samba runaway processes

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Wed Aug 16 12:20:33 GMT 2000

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I wrote:
> >   Gordon Lack just found an interesting symptom for us: if I
> > interpret this properly, it looks like Samba has problems
> > when the underlying filesystem locks (in this case NFS) were
> > wonky

Jie J Zhang wrote:
> Yep, I've experienced the same thing.  We had samba running on a local dir
> and accessing local files with no prob.  Second we moved it to another
> machine access samba and its shared dirs thru NFS, [...]
> Particularly in the fact that users spawned millions of
> processes. [about 5 times the normal number]

	I just built a dead-stock 2.0.7 samba and brought
	it up on my workstation, looking at both NFS-mounted
	and local disks.

	1) With lockd running on Solaris 8, everything is fine.
	   smbclient //elsbeth/davecb returns normal results
	   and there are only two smbds running.

	2) When I kill lockd with smbd running, nothing changes.
	3) When I start smbd with no lockd, it starts normally,
	   and I get only the expected two smbds.

	There is clearly a problem, but I can't reproduce it on 
	Solaris 8 and Samba 2.0.7
	Can anyone try this experiment on a late-model Linux?

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