samba development

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Wed Aug 16 03:16:39 GMT 2000

i started on the nt domains for unix project on the basis of paul ashton's
enthusiastic and "this can't be too hard" attitude, back in august 97.

since then, with the encouragement of a number of people over the last
three years, and with the discouragement of others, the nt domains
protocols are now pretty well understood.

due to that constant discouragement, i no longer find it as enjoyable to
work on samba as i did.  the enjoyment from discovering new ground is no
longer offset by the constant dismissal of the ideas and solutions that i
come up with.

those solutions come from a far-sighted understanding of what is involved,
and what can be achieved.  i never intend to just "solve the problem at
hand", i intend to think ahead of what can be achieved both now _and_ in
the future.

to that end, the constant dismissal of my development approach, the
constant dismissal of coding solutions, the constant dismissal of designs,
is just too much.

if anyone can think of a solution to this, please let me know.  in the
mean-time, i shall find other projects to work on.

all the best,


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