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Thanks Patrick.  I've included some comments inline.
I'll handle merging updates into the docs tree.

papowell at wrote:
> The whole things is controlled using options in smb.conf. 
> The most relevant options (which you should look up in 
> the smb.conf man page) are:
>       [global]
>         print command     - send a file to a spooler
>         lpq command       - get spool queue status
>         lprm command      - remove a job

These are actually service level parameters so you can
do things like

	print command = lpr -r -P%p %s

	print command = cat %s /dev/lp0

The 'printing' parameter is also necessary as IIRC it controls
the defaults and queue parsing routines (haven't looked in 
a while though).

>       [printers]
>         path = /var/spool/lpd/samba
> The following are nice to know about:
>         queuepause command   - stop a printer or print queue
>         queueresume command  - start a printer or print queue
> Samba requires either a printcap or program to deliver printcap
> information.  This printcap information has the format:

Well....not exactly.  A printcap file in only needed when
you want to use the [printers] share to automatically share 
a bunch of printers.  If you don't use [printers] you can 
simply do something like

	print command = cat %s /dev/lp0

Make sense?  The system is really very flexible in this regards.

> Samba reads the printcap information when first started.  

Ummm..I'm not sure if this only is true when 
'load printers = true'.  I'll need to double check.

> If you make changes in the printcap information, then you 
> must do the following:
> a)  make sure that the print spooler is aware of these changes.
>     The LPRng system uses the 'lpc reread' command to do this.
> b)  make sure that the spool queues, etc., exist and have the
>     correct permissions.  The LPRng system uses the 'checkpc -f'
>     command to do this.
> c)  You now should send a SIGHUP signal to the smbd server to have
>     it reread the printcap information.

The Debugging section looks good, although slightly 
lpd/lprng specific :-)

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