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At 02:25 AM 8/12/00 -0400, postmaster at wrote:
>Well, basically I need smbclient to backup serveral win95/98 computers and
>periodically update those backups. in the manor I am storing the updates I
>wanted to be able to while storing the incremental backups also store a
>master tar that gets appended to each time. As smbclient doesn't seem to
>do this, I have it create a new tar  and
> tar -Af master.client.tar update.client.tar
>This command works for to combine any two tars. But if I am using tars
>that smbclient creates, there is some header info or something (havn't
>quite figured it out) it adds to it, so that the resulting file, while
>being larger and containing the info of both, will only output the
>contents of the original master (before combining) on a 

Hmmm, I just used smbclient from Samba 2.0.6 or later, and did the following:

  smbclient \\somemachine\C -Tc xxx.tar \somedir

and got a tar file, xxx.tar.

I then copied that:

  cp xxx.tar xxx1.tar


  tar -Af xxx.tar xxx1.tar

and I now had a tar file twice as long. Then:

  tar tvf xxx.tar | grep Orion.GIF

showed me two copies of Orion.GIF. So, tar on my Linux system is having no
problems with this.  I am running an oldish Linux distro on my laptop, but
it has GNUTAR.

What system are you running on?

>tar -xf master.client.tar  
>And sometimes bails with an error about skipping heading info or something
>sometimes it doesn't (can't seem to get it to repoduce that error) I have
>tried setting -d0 and that doesn't seem to have any effect (though I think
>it reduces me getting the skipping header error, but I'm not sure about
>> Hi,
>> Can you tell me more about what you are trying to do?  I recoded the smbtar
>> stuff a couple of years ago, and have not looked at it for a while. 
>> At 01:42 AM 8/12/00 -0400, John Larsen wrote:
>> >When using the mode of smbclient to create tar files, the resulting
>> >files cannot be concatenated.  Well they can but in outputting the
>> >resulting tar, one will only get the files from the first tar in the
>> >set.

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