Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at samba.org
Mon Aug 14 06:01:07 GMT 2000

> >two consecutive calls to talloc() of 0 size will return 
> >pointers to the same memory location.  This has come up in 
> >prs_unistr().  If the amout of allocated space needed is 0,
> >the the str->buffer will still get assigned a memory address
> >by prs_alloc_mem().
> >
> >**and the next prs_unistr will get the same memory!
> Argh...
> Hmmm, does it happen often that pieces of 0 memory are first
> reserved and later realloc()'ed to something bigger?

talloc doesn't have a trealloc (except in cliffs)

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