Speed problem on Alpha system and solution

Wang Daqing wang_daqing at sina.com
Thu Aug 10 08:24:49 GMT 2000

Hello Samba-bugs,

  Your samba-bugs at samba.org say it down so I send it to
  samba-technical at samba.org

  I have setup a Samba server on a Compaq Alpha 21164 system with 512M
  RAM and running Compaq Tru64 (Digital UNIX) OS.

  First I am using Samba 2.05a, and it's read speed or write speed is
  very slowly on some client PC, it's about 300KB/s. Some PC works
  fine but some not even they are using same version of Windows 98 and
  same hardware.

  I try tune it with different socket option like SO_SNDBUF=65536 and
  SO_RCVBUF=65526, it's useful on some PC but not on others.

  After about half year. I upgrade Samba server to 2.0.7. The read
  speed seems has some increase on my PC but the write speed is slow
  down to about 500KB/s although it's about 2.5MB/s on 2.05a.

  I use NetXRay to trace, it seems the transmission is break rapidly
  and then server send a error message to client:
      Error-not enough data!
  Please see attachment picture for more detail.

  After several test, I set "write raw=no" and get a very high
  performance on write: about 4MB/s.

  If you want me do more test to found where is the problem, please
  tell me how to do. BTW, I am live in China so my English is worst.

Best regards,
 Wang Daqing                          mailto:wdq at bigfoot.com
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