sorry you confused me

Chris Bailey chrisb at
Wed Aug 9 20:33:10 GMT 2000

I am sorry that I posted a question to your particular list and it
happens to be the wrong one. there seems to be alot of confusion about
where to post the questions to and few suggestions that seem to be
correct. I would like to post my question to the right list but it does
not seem to exist where ti is suposed to be. I have been steered toward
the samba at list via but all I find is:

Netfilter discussions
Samba CVS messages
Discussions about the Samba IDL Compiler


Discussions on Samba internals   with   samba-technical   as a list name
when I go to the url listed there is still no samba at With no
other real information to go on the samba-technical looks like the only
place to go. If any one has an appropriate suggestion instead of just
bitching I am listening.

Thank you
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