sorry you confused me

Tim Potter tpot at
Wed Aug 9 21:43:03 GMT 2000

Chris Bailey writes:

> I am sorry that I posted a question to your particular list and it
> happens to be the wrong one. there seems to be alot of confusion about
> where to post the questions to and few suggestions that seem to be
> correct. I would like to post my question to the right list but it does
> not seem to exist where ti is suposed to be. I have been steered toward
> the samba at list via but all I find is:

Try going to and looking
at the SAMBA list.  I've also put a link on the main list page
pointing to this.  Hopefully it should make things a bit clearer.


> Netfilter discussions
> Samba CVS messages
> Discussions about the Samba IDL Compiler
> and
> Discussions on Samba internals   with   samba-technical   as a list name
> when I go to the url listed there is still no samba at With no
> other real information to go on the samba-technical looks like the only
> place to go. If any one has an appropriate suggestion instead of just
> bitching I am listening.
> Thank you
> Chris
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> n:Bailey;Chris
> tel;fax:417 865-5510
> tel;work:417 865-7116
> x-mozilla-html:FALSE
> org:Creative Healthcare Systems Inc.;Networking
> version:2.1
> email;internet:chrisb at
> title:System Administrator
> adr;quoted-printable:;;435 D South Union=0D=0ASprinfield, MO 65802=0D=0A;Springfield;MO;65802;
> fn:Chris Bailey
> end:vcard

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