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Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Wed Aug 9 16:47:06 GMT 2000

The mailing list situation is being worked on with the goal of fixing 
the archives and making them easier to access.  In the mean time, people 
have been jumping to the samba-tech list for, it appears, two reasons.

1) Problems with the archives have prevented people from finding the
   answers they're looking to find.

2) The knowledgeable folk have migrated here.

That in mind, and aside from the work being done to fix the main list, 
the things to do to move these questions off of this list are:

- be polite (yet firm)
  Most of these questions are just popping up.  At a guess, the posters
  are not watching this list before they post so they won't see the
  messages reminding them that the list is for developer discussions.
  If you send a message to the poster, please be polite and helpful.
  You don't have to answer the question, but try to make sure that they're
  headed in the right direction to get some help.

- make sure that they get the answers they need *via another channel*.
  Any of you who can spend an hour or so a week answering some of these 
  questions--via the samba at list--please do.

Chris Hertel
Samba Team

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