Developers only! (Re: Samba and IIS question)

Chris Nolan nolan at
Wed Aug 9 15:08:48 GMT 2000

Just to note, the verification message I got when I subscribed didn't say
anything about it being for developers only.  It gave a link of to get more
information.  This link doesn't say anything about what should or shouldn't
be posted to the list.

Perhaps somebody should write that up, and have it posted on the website,
and available with the "info" from majordomo.  It should say what this list
is for, and what other lists are available to meet peoples needs.

have a good day
Chris Nolan

> On Wed, 9 Aug 2000, Steve Sandau wrote:
> > Not sure if this belongs on this list but... 
> Please, please, please, someone in charge should change this 
> lists name 
> to samba-developers-who-actually-do-the-programming at or
> something like that.
> I'm getting enough mail already and I'm sure that I am not the
> only one. And I'd really like to stay in touch on what happens in 
> Samba development.
> - Jani

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