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Michael Glauche mg at plum.de
Tue Aug 8 13:56:37 GMT 2000

>August 8, 2000,
>Dear Sir and Madam
>My name is CHAN, I'm system administrator for my school Lab, I've got some
trouble when I try to install Samba Server (I'd have Windows NT4.0 PDC
Server and >BDC Server), I want to connect from my Samba server to my PDC,
so could you show me in detail how to install that Samba Server.
>My Email addr is: vmchan2000 at yahoo.com and chan at petroinfo.itgo.com
>Thanks all of you.
>Best regards

You are on the wrong list for this discussion. Please ask such questions to
samba at samba.org or
to samba-ntdom at samba.org (if the question is about the NT Domain support in

If you want access the PDC from Samba then you are looking for smbclient or
If you want the samba box authenticate users against the PDC look for
"security=domain" and "password server" in the documentation.


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