step-by-step Samba setup guide!

Peter Samuelson peter at
Tue Aug 8 13:00:16 GMT 2000

[chan_petroinfo <chan at>]
> My name is CHAN, I'm system administrator for my school Lab, I've got
> some trouble when I try to install Samba Server (I'd have Windows
> NT4.0 PDC Server and BDC Server), I want to connect from my Samba
> server to my PDC, so could you show me in detail how to install that
> Samba Server.

  1. Read the documentation.
  2. Do what it says.

If you don't understand the documentation, proceed:

  3. Buy a book.  There are several good ones.
  4. Do what the book says.

If it's still confusing, you may need to:

  5. Learn more about the OS you are installing on, be it Unix, VMS or
     Linux.  This may involve more buying of books.  The only OS that
     doesn't require any knowledge to administer is Microsoft Windows,
     and that's only if you don't mind seriously sub-optimal (even for
     Windows) results.

  6. Evaluate the knowledge gained in steps 1-4 in light of what you
     learned in step 5.

If none of this helps:

  7. Turn off your mailer's feature that produces HTML and
     multipart/alternative e-mail like this gunk:

     > <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">

     Also turn *on* the paragraph filling feature (a/k/a word-wrap).

  8. Post your specific question to <samba at>.  Notice in
     particular the lack of the word "-technical" in that address.
     <samba-technical> is not for user support but for development.

If nobody answers, or nobody gives helpful answers:

  9. Hire someone else to help.  Lots of companies will deploy Samba
     for you, for a small fee.


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