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Santi Saraswati S.Saraswati at
Mon Aug 7 07:31:31 GMT 2000

Hi all,

I have 1 linux machine running samba and redhat 6.2. I also have other
machine running in WinNT server. I already backup schedule job in WinNT
server using Seagate software and device tape backup. The cron job for
backup is already running also in linux machine. The question is how can I
add backup schedule job from linux in my seagate software since I can't add
the schedule job there. The box which directory contains the file backup
can't be ticked. Should I add something in smb.conf so the box can be ticked
and backup schedule can running well. If I should add something in smb.conf
please give the details.
Thank you,
Santi Saraswati

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