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Tue Aug 8 02:13:55 GMT 2000

You can use smbtar, and add it to the Linux crontab...
I believe this question belongs to SAMBA-NTDOM. 
> Hi all,
> I have 1 linux machine running samba and redhat 6.2. I also have other
> machine running in WinNT server. I already backup schedule job in WinNT
> server using Seagate software and device tape backup. The cron job for
> backup is already running also in linux machine. The question is how can I
> add backup schedule job from linux in my seagate software since I can't add
> the schedule job there. The box which directory contains the file backup
> can't be ticked. Should I add something in smb.conf so the box can be ticked
> and backup schedule can running well. If I should add something in smb.conf
> please give the details.
> Thank you,
> Santi Saraswati

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