Restricting multiple terminal logins from same username

Godwin Monis godwin at
Sat Aug 5 14:44:54 GMT 2000

Hello everyone out there

I'm the system administrator for a network of around 200 machines using a linux m/c running samba on the server side and win 98 (plain text passwords) on the client side. Currently it is possible for a user to login simultaneously (using the same username) from more than one workstation. 
I want to restrict the users such that a particular user cannot do simultaneous logins from more than one workstation. i.e. if he/she wants to login to a particular workstation he/she will have to logout from the previous workstation.

Can some one tell me how this can be done or guide me to the appropriate location where i can fin info regarding the same.

My heartfelt hhanks to all the wonderful people out there who take the time to read/respond to my message.

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