"smbclient" does not resolve using WINS

Steffen Moser moser at egu.schule.ulm.de
Sun Apr 30 08:37:33 GMT 2000


Richard, thank you very much for your fast answer!

Richard Sharpe wrote:

> Well, it could be a mis-configuration, but you did not show us your
> smb.conf file.

So after doing more tests I found the mis-configuration. ;-)

Within "smb.conf" of machine A I had the option:

  bind interfaces only = Yes

but I forgot to add "" to the "interfaces" line.

Before I wrote the message to the "samba-technical" list yesterday I
found this error and I added "" to my "interfaces"-line in
smb.conf", so I expected that it will function then.

But the problem persisted. The reason was: as I restarted "smbd" and
"nmbd" (after the change in "smb.conf") on machine A the entries of my
WINS databased got lost, so it was not possible for "smbclient" to do a
lookup in the WINS database. ;-)

During my tests today I rebooted "vm01" and the other (virtual)
machines, so the WINS records were there again. 

With using the correct "smb.conf"-file, (that means: "bind interfaces
only = Yes" *and* "interfaces =") I got a
positive result from "resolve_wins"!

So there isn't a bug in "smbclient"! 

It was my fault when testing it yesterday, because I forgot to restart
the "WINS clients" after restarting the "WINS server".

I apologize for any trouble my message caused!


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