[OT] Hope somebody can help NIS problem

Michael Kalus mkalus at osft.com
Wed Apr 26 17:22:19 GMT 2000


sorry for this Off topic post. But I hope that maybe somebody on this list
has experience with NIS as well as Samba :)

The problem I am facing is that I try to set up NIS (It runs off the same
box as Samba) under SuSE 6.3.

Now I read the HowTo at http://www.suse.de/~kukuk/

but for some reason I cannot get it work. Or to be more precise. I canot get
a Solairs 2.7 machine make it see it. It just times out and tells me the NIS
Service is not available.

If naybody has any idea I would be very very happy as this is driving me


Michael Kalus
I have a dream... that one day... AOL install disks... will come
pre-installed with an IQ test. 

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