AIX lpq size value in 512 byte blocks, not K

Nik Conwell nik at
Wed Apr 19 15:35:51 GMT 2000

I've noticed that the AIX bsd lpq filters (/usr/lpd/bsdshort and bsdlong),
when displaying the print queue, convert file sizes from bytes into blocks
by dividing by 512 (ugh!).

Samba (2.0.6) in aix queue mode parses lpq output in parse_lpq_aix() and
converts size into bytes by multiplying by 1024.  As much as I hate legacy
512 unit junk, shouldn't the Samba multiplier be 512 in order to get the
right units?

It's possible that the IBM/AIX guys will wise up and display lpq output in
K which is reasonable, at which time Samba would have to be changed again.

Thanks for any input. 

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