Network browsing and Samba

Clifford, Tom TClifford at
Mon Apr 17 20:30:32 GMT 2000

I'm attempting to find a general purpose method of having a Samba server's
NetBIOS name appear in the Browse list of some Microsoft OS based computers.
I've been having problems, so I setup a simple test case, and am still
having problems.  Here is the test case.

Two computers on their own network.  One running Samba 2.0.6 and the other
running NT 4.0 Server w/ service pack 6.  TCP/IP is the only network
protocol installed.

If the smb.conf "remote announce" is set to the NT server's IP address, the
samba server shows up in the browse list.

If I use the netmask technique described in "BROWSING-Config.txt", it
doesn't work.

If I setup the NT Server as a WINS server, and set smb.conf "wins server" to
the IP address of the NT server, the NT WINS software receives the
registered name, but it still doesn't appear in the browse list.  (btw. The
NT server network setup is configured to get WINS info from himself).

Does anyone have any ideas?

Tom Clifford


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