Can't access Samba TNG shares, TODO message

Max Maischein maischein at
Mon Apr 17 14:42:47 GMT 2000

I'm using the latest TNG bz2 (alpha 2.4) with "security = share", and when 
trying to connect from a NT 4 SP6 box to a share on the Samba box, I find 
the following message in the log :

authorise_login: TODO. split function, it's 6 levels!

Additionally, the connection to the share fails with different results, 
sometimes no error, but no share either.

Using Samba 2.0.6 had no problems, but we are planning to replace the PDC 
completely and for that I need the TNG stuff running ... Are there any 
mandatory changes to the smb.conf when switching from 2.0.6 to TNG maybe ?

Any ideas welcome

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