Text bugreport template (Part 3)

Jens Skripczynski jens.skripczynski at igd.fhg.de
Fri Apr 14 10:40:17 GMT 2000


after twice posting to the wrong list, i hope i got it right this time.

Having read many bug reports on samba-nt, i noticed that most times  some
necassary information was missing. Even having put up a page descibing how
to submit a bug report did not improve  it. So now I wrote 2 files, one as
a text template and the other explaining, what information to put where and
how to get this information.

I would like everyone on this list to have a look at it, as most of you have
more experience than me, to look if there is anything missing, unclear. Maybe
even for small typos.

I want to post these files after this review to samba-nt and ask Lars Kneschke
to add them to his samba-nt FAQ.


Jens Skripczynski
E-Mail: skripi at igd.fhg.de

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