SAMBA connection process not closing on Solaris

Kim Harris kim at
Fri Apr 14 09:42:26 GMT 2000

I hope I have posted this to the right list, if not please point me in the
right direction.

I have implemented Samba 2.x on three systems, 2 are HPUX 10.20
and one is Solaris 7 on Intel.

All are running and working but there is an anomaly on the Solaris system
which is version 2.0.6 whereby after a "net use x: /d" command from an
NT workstation the active connection process doesn't close down.
If I then try to reconnect with a net use command it fails with 

"System error 1312 has occurred.

 A specified logon session does not exist.  It may already have
 been terminated."

If I leave it for several minutes and try again, it seems to work OK. 

I am running the daemons from inetd.

This behavious only occurs on the Solaris box, not the 2x HPUX systems.
Can anyone explain why it might happen? Is there a parameter that needs
to be tweaked?

Any help which anyone can give me would be much appreciated.

Kim Harris

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