not very impressed.

betterformat betterformat at
Wed Sep 29 03:51:40 GMT 1999


> Sometimes questions fall in to the black hole.
> One of those mysteries of mail lists.  Everyone
> thinks someone else will answer.
fair enough..... I suppose it's always a balance, you
want peoples opinion, but you don't want to be a 

> Yes.  It does help a little.  I think you might have 
> better luck with gcc rather than the HPUX compiler
> (cc).  Since that is what is used for development, it gets
> the most testing.  However, commercial compilers
> are tested when they are available such as SGI and 
> Solaris.
hmm.... didn't think of that, I will download the gcc compiler,
I remember reading about it, but in reference to not having
a compiler rather than better compatibility.....

> I seem to remember something about HPUX.  Usually 
> does produce problems.
doesn't surprise me --- even though HP-UX is pretty stable.

> Well considering I try to keep an eye on about 4 
> of them, maybe it just seems really busy.  Try the 
> samba at list and see if someone pops and answer
> for you.
I figured that may be why you see so much traffic.....
I will try the above if gcc doesn't work out.....

> Sorry 'bout that.  Let me know how things go.
no stress, and I certainly will.


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