new share type

Martin Vogt vogt at
Fri Sep 24 11:27:40 GMT 1999


samba does not have a special kind of share which we really need
here at the institute.

I write to this list, because we really consider modifing
the samba source (if this new share type is tecnically doable)

So here are my questions:

We need a share which is (in its behaviour) between the normal
file/directory share and a printer share.

1. The problem with printer shares is, that windows NT always want
   a printer driver for it.
   But that is no option, because the service does not have a printer
   driver at all and the sofware cannot "print" it can only write files.
   (see below) 

2. The problem with file shares it, that it is not possible, to pipe
   the sended "file" through for example lpr.
   But that is exactly what we need.(see below)

Thus we need a share which:

1. behaves (on the samba side) like a printing service (we pipe all 
   file which come to this share through 
   lpr or another program)
2. does not install a printer driver on the NT side because it is
   not a printer, it is a file/directory share.

Here is the background why we need the share:

At the institue we have a central cdrom burner server (based on
lpd/lpr and a few perl scripts)
The Unix user master their image with some kind of software, "xcdroast"
and then send the image (with lpr) to the server, where we burn it
and send a mail back "cd ready".

My job is to integrate all the Windows PC into this environment.
As client Software we intend to use "nero" which allows to write
_real_ isoimages.And for sending the images we like to use samba.

But if the nero software writes to X:\burner\image.raw we cannot
pipe the file through lpr, because :

i) we don't know when the image has reached EOF.
ii) simultanous writing (by more users) overwrites the image.

i+ii is exactly which is solved by sambas printing service,
but the software writes a file in a share (!)

Is it possible to modify the samba source to have this behaviour?
How much work would it be?



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