Newby question: Can't find MPE/iX host on network

Greg Dickie greg at
Thu Sep 16 22:57:26 GMT 1999

Hmmm try guest ok = yes and browseable=yes in the global section. If you are
using WINS on your network you might want to set the WINS server appropriately
as well.


On 16-Sep-99 Howard Hoxsie wrote:
> I've been trying to get Samba working on my MPE/iX 5.5 machines in the hope
> of saving them from the budget axe.  HP has been worthless because they will
> only talk to me if I'm on 6.0 where Samba is bundled.
> I've got things configured as closely as I can tell by using the readme docs
> and other suggestions from the download site.  The software runs, but I
> don't see my host on the network.
> Does anyone have any suggestions where I can look?  I'm getting messages in
> the logs that indicate that the nmbd and smbd processes have the appropriate
> ports.
> I feel like I'm an inch away and it may as well be a mile...
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