smbmount can not mount shares with '

Chris Rogers gandalf at
Mon Sep 13 08:17:49 GMT 1999

While working on my program this weekedn, I noticed that I could not mount
share names which inluded ' or $ or any special character.  After fighting
with trying to escape it for a while (which didn't work) i glanced at the
smbmount code and discovered that just before it does a system call on
smbmnt, it executes this:

string_replace(svc2, '\\','/');

I am assuming this is to deal with the twisiting of share names, since
windows wants "\\machine\share" while smbmnt takes "//machine/share"

It also however, has the effect of removing all of my escape characters.
So system calls something like:

smbmnt /some-mount-point -s "//machine/my share/'s"
instead of 
smbmnt /some-mount-point -s "//machine/my share\'s"

this obviously causes so problems.  Now how to fix this I am not sure.
you still ned to do the conversion for some, but how (short of checking
for every special case) do you do it just for them?

Or am I totally off?


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