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Tue Sep 7 17:09:52 GMT 1999

The document you've got there (draft-leach-...) was produced a while 
back.  I believe that it has expired.

CIFS (aka, SMB) grew up in a very different way than NFS.  The SMB 
protocol (which was renamed CIFS when the original IETF drafts were made 
available in 1997) is just the file sharing portion of the suite.  
Current implementations also require a NetBIOS emulation layer, and then 
there's browsing, Domain Control, etc.

Take a look at
We've been trying to collect helpful documentation.

Chris -)-----

> I am trying to come up to speed on CIFS.  I would like to
> understand just that subset of the protocol that would be
> used between two winnt boxes.  I have a copy of
> Is this the best available spec?  I understand the need for
> testing real servers to determine actual practice.  Right now
> though I just want something that in hard copy is easier to
> read and digest.
> The NFS v4 effort has produced a similar raw ascii draft
> This document is much more consistent in its use of conventions
> and is available in html for from 
> All pointers appreciated,
> /john

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