Why just clone NT

Jacek Stepniewski cunio at gazeta.pl
Sun Oct 17 02:36:44 GMT 1999

Why Samba is only a "NT network server"?
Let's make next step.
Many people need to process data from PC workstations on UNIX server.
Now Samba+UNIX gives the same functionality as NT server.
F.e. files from workstations are placed on UNIX filesystem and after
a kind of spooler must find these files and process it.
Why not to add callbacks? I think about running external program or
a message to such program when client request file creating, deleting,
moving etc.

I'am using now this solution (after patching samba source) but I think,
many other people need this feature.
It would be nice to add my changes (or someone else can write it) to
source.  (If of course you think it is good idea.)

Jacek Stepniewski

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